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Regarding: RRG charts

In his recent presentation titled RRG 101 on StockCharts TV, Julius de Kempenaer showed two RRG charts side by side on the same page. How did he do that? If you happen to know how he did that, please explain.

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    On a Windows machine( maybe other platforms also), you can drag the edges of the web browser so that it only takes up part of a monitor real estate. You can the right click on the browser icon on your desktop and open another instance of browser and move it to the blank space on your monitor. You can have multiple instances of StockCharts open simultaneously with different views of RRG for example on each browser view. Ivan
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    Hi George,

    IND just beat me to it ;)

    Yes, It is a Windows thing. Just open up two browser windows and load whatever you want in there. Two RRGs, one RRG and one regular chart etc. Then position the two windows side by side. You can do it simply by using your mouse but I find it easier and quicker to use WINkey+RIGHTarrow (to snap to right) or WINkey+LEFTarrow.
    Hope this helps


  • Thanks to both of you for answering my question regarding placing 2 RRG charts side by side.
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