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Advance Alerts

Hi there,
I am a member of an awesome options advice group that pretty much sets you up for success. Only thing I'm missing is alerts that are consistent to what he's looking for.
For example, today he posted a video with an explanation on why to put EOG on your hotlist.
Then he posts the following:
EOG Aug 112 Call
Upper threshold: $117.69
Resistance: $117
Support: $113.50
Lower threshold: $112.81
Upon threshold crossing, must see smooth consistent price movement over six 5-min bars where 1/2 hour high-low range is greater than $0.69 (ETM threshold).

I would like to create an alert that would do the above.


  • The scan engine is not designed for options. It is design to scan price charts and indicators related to price and volume.

    With that in mind, here is a something that might be useful:

    [symbol = 'EOG']
    # Signal if price goes above upper threshold, below lower threshold, or into the threshold.
    and [[today's daily Close x 117.69] or [117.69 x today's daily Close] or [112.81 x today's daily Close] or [today's daily Close x 112.81]]

    This scan checks to see if price has gone into or out of the threshold. You will have to update the ticker symbol and the upper and lower threshold prices.

    There are no intraday scans. So, you will have to monitor for the six 5-min bars.
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