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best values for triple ema crossover

i am using different parameters for triple ema crossover, at present i use 5,10,34 1,4,16 1,4,64 and some other values

but, i want to maximize gain by reducing fake entries in intraday basis, so that which parameter value is best anything other than this possible ...

triple ema crossover gives more accuracy in indian markets than other indicators...


  • I would recommend using default or published parameters. When you use your own values, you might be the only one watching it.

    Moving Average crossover strategies can have problems because they are lagging indicators, and they do not work in ranging markets.
  • smartcfpsmartcfp
    edited December 2014
    Could you please tell me how to overlay TEMA in stockcharts? It is not in the std indicator list. How do I create it ?
  • gordgord admin
    edited December 2014
    Smartcfp, I believe what vsreeram77 was talking about is plotting 3 ema's on a chart and looking for crossovers, these are single smoothed ema's not double or triple smoothed.

    Double and Triple smoothed EMA's are not a standard indicator, but here's an article where Chip explains how they can be calculated and plotted using a new tool introduced in 2012.
  • This is an odd... I mean different feature. I did not know about this. Is it only available to pro accounts? Otherwise, the article says nothing about importing the excel data into the date and open field of the UDI on EXTRA memberships?

    I was also going to say to look at the TRIX indicator it is close but not exactly what you are looking for.
  • This was only the first article on this feature, just do a search for UDI and you will find lots of articles on how to use it.

    Yes it is also available to Extra members, however Extra members get 1 index and Pro members get 30.
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