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sharing annotated charts through gmail

Used to be that I could permalink an annotated stockcharts, copy its URL and insert that link into my email message, then send it to my friends. They would open the link and see my annotations. No success anymore. Something's changed, either Stockcharts or Chrome/Gmail. I asked Stockcharts several times to help me figure this out, but their customer support never once responded.

In the process of discovery, I found ATT had been cheating on my 6 mbs download speed, sometimes dropping so low my upload was insignificant. Ah Hah, I thought. there's my problem.

Wrong again. Even with a normal upload speed of 1.5 mbs, it failed to send my annotated charts. Only the chart shows without trendlines or notes. I can Printscreen the chart and paste it in my emails, and it succeeds, but no one can scroll it to see other indicators.

So, has anyone had this problem and what to do to fix it?



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