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Rsi daily or weekly crossover

Is there a code for scanning daily and weekly Rsi crossover?


  • The crossover operator is "x".

    Daily RSI would be just "RSI(x)".

    Weekly RSI would "weekly RSI(x)".

    One problem with such a scan is that you could not verify the results on a single chart. Also, if you run the scan during the week, it will likely give you different results from a completed week (in other words a crossover occurring mid week might disappear by the end of the week - so, is the midweek crossover a valid signal? Don't know.).

    Another way to do something similar might be to test for a crossover of shorter and longer term RSIs in the same time frame, so maybe RSI(14) x RSI(70).

    RSI(70) would not be exactly the same as weekly RSI(14), but it might be similar enough. You would have to experiment a bit.
  • dear Mark
    Thjank you very much, do you know how to make a scan that finds an RSIx(14) crossing up above 30, i tried searching for RSI >30 and < 31 but it didnt seem to work?
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