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Using a stock charts charting method.

Can you use stock charts charting to evaluate a ETF using some of the more common indicators?
I look at a service that provides ETF info and bring one of their recommended ETFs up on a chart and I do not see it as being an ETF to chose etc.
I suspect it is me but I am not sure? I would like to get to a self assured point that what I am doing is right and assume the service has their own methods etc.
Thanks for your help


  • Stockcharts allows you to chart any symbol in its database with the all the most popular indicators and overlays. You can also chart in multiple time frames, daily, weekly, monthly, etc. depending on subscription level.

    The site does not recommend investments. However, they have a strong market commentary section, including blogs and live and recorded daily presentations.

    If you haven't already, check out the website tour and the subscription plans and maybe do a free trial if one is currently offered. Also there is a free access option that lets you try things out to get the feel, although the paid subscriptions offer a great deal more.
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