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Selecting Service Level

I am a new user, still in the trial period, and want to see what level of service I need. I am very happy with the scans, charts and customizations. The ease of use suits me just fine.

I need to have one saved chart style, one saved chart list, and one saved scan as a minimum. Since I am new to trading (and very frugal) this is basically for me to use to learn things for the next few months so I want the least expensive level of service. Is this possible with the basic or free level?

I don't want to change the level on my trial from Extra to Basic right now to test for fear of losing something I need.

Pro level will probably never be needed.



  • Here is a link to the service "matrix":

    Basic should be fine, unless you anticipate writing your own scans or modifying the canned scans.

    You would probably use the free data plan if you aren't trading during the day or have another source like your broker.
  • Thanks for the reply.

    I do want to write my own scans. I find that part to be most interesting right now. I have been learning the script language and functions by fiddling around awhile.

    It looks like I may have to stay with the Extra level if one cannot write scans with the basic or free levels.

    I have not really looked into what eTrade offers yet since I started using them. So I will check that out now.

  • markdmarkd mod
    edited August 2018
    Extra is a good place to start and probably more than enough for most investors, especially if you have already chosen an equity focus, or plan to, like ETFs or a segment of the market, like blue chips or small caps, or biotechs, etc. Likewise if you have a one or two favorite set ups and you want to trade only those.

    If you manage other people's money, or for whatever reason feel you have to keep abreast of the entire market, or like to move around among set ups as the market changes, Pro is great.
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