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Does monthly data include after hours on final day of month?

Is data from after hours on the last day of the month included in “this month’s” data (such as referred to in a scan by using “this month’s close”)? Or in the next month's data?


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    This link suggests after market data is not available at all:
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    Thanks! Where would be without you. (This didn't turn up when I did a search for "after hours")
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    Thanks for the link. I didn't find anything when I searched for "after hours"
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    Well, search engines are tricky. You have to think about why it chose a page as a hit. At least one term is always there *somewhere*.

    For instance, on Google, " after hours" hits the top level help page under Support. You won't find "after hours" on that page. But one of the menu options is "Data and Ticker Symbols". That sounds like it's in the ball park, so if you click on that, and scroll ALL the way down, you find Frequently Asked Questions, which is where "after hours" appears.

    On Stockcharts, if you enter "after hours" in search, Data and Ticker symbols is the eighth selection. So, not quite as good as Google, but pretty good.

    I would add, in general, if one set of search terms doesn't work, it sometimes helps think of other ways to re-phrase what you are looking for. But sometimes, it just takes experience to guess which result is most likely to work.
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