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any one have an answer for this ? on my charts I have y-axis labels, the problem is that when the they are close they overlap each other. Would there be any way to keep them far enough apart to read them both? - clear


  • A couple of comments.

    There are no settings that directly affect the placement of the labels. However, there are two approaches to seeing the data there.

    One is, set "Legends" to "Default". The current values for all the y-axis labels also appears in the upper left corner of the price chart and/or indicator window(s). Sometimes that obscures past activity there, but, depending on the chart, that activity is usually not relevant. Or, if you need to see it, you can lengthen the start/end dates of the chart.

    The other approach is to shorten the duration of the chart. So, if you have, say, a nine month daily chart, shorten the months to one or two. In most cases, this will separate the data points displayed on the chart enough to read the y-axis labels.
  • thank you mark, I'll try that
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