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Candleglance Time Frame

How can I make my Candleglance default to daily time frame on my chartslist? I have to tap the charts to see it individually because it does not show the time frame of the 30 charts. I use MACD as my indicator and sometimes when you tap it to see individually it does not jived.

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    Hi, see markd's link above. Also, it is time consuming to switch between custom CG charts because the ChartStyle has to be renamed so try to have a primary.


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    I think this will answer your question - you can create your own candleglance style, or use one of your existing styles:
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    edited July 2014
    I tried creating in different time frame and when I went to my chartlist, check all the charts and select the CandleGlance to show the 30 stocks at a time, the duration daily. hourly, weekly, monthly is nowhere to be found. What did I do wrong?
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    markdmarkd mod
    edited July 2014
    Hi Daniel, I'm not sure what you are expecting Candleglance to do. It displays all charts in a list in just one style.

    You can have only ONE Candleglance style at a time(You can change it though). It will display all the charts in your list in that one style even if the charts in your list have their own styles.

    So let's say you create a Candleglance style using the daily time frame, with candlestick bars and with MACD on the bottom and RSI on top.

    Now let's say you open a list. All the charts are, say, weekly charts using OHLC bars, with the ADX indicator below and OBV above. Now you select Candleglance view. You will see all the same symbols in the list, but in the daily time frame with MACD and RSI - not the weekly style.

    I wonder if you are thinking of Gallery view, which shows one symbol at a time but in several time frames, including point and figure?
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    Thanks Markd. I will just create one time frame.
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    I hate to pick a bone, but I think it is important to be clear on terminology to lessen confusion, and for members on this forum to be on the same page.

    I believe daniel_fromcebu is referring to the period on CandleClance charts when he uses the term "time frame", but still I am not sure.

    The pre-built CandleGlance charts by default use the daily period. The issue daniel may be referring to is that you can not see what period is on CandleGlance charts for Daily period charts. For whatever reason, this is by design on CandleGlance charts. For custom CandleGlance charts other than using a Daily period, it does show the period.

    So maybe daniel does not realize he is looking at the Daily period on CandleGlance charts when he looks at the pre-built CandleGlance charts. Hence, this is the reason why he has to "tap" meaning click the chart to see what the period is. He does not mention anything about making his own custom CandleGlance charts.

    CandleGlance charts can be customized by changing both the period and time frame. So, it is important to draw a distinction between these two.

    I have a custom 60 min period CandleGlance chart with a time frame (range) of 2 weeks. I also have a custom Daily period CandleGlance chart with a time frame (range) of 2 months.

    The two ingredients for constructing a chart is the period and time frame (range). On SharpCharts, the time frame is modified by using the range attribute. Other charting providers may replace the period terminology with the term "scale". I have also seen the term "data range" used to refer to the time frame (range) on other charting providers.

    I think the confusion may lie with the term "time frame" because it is not clear to everyone if time frame refers to the period or range.
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    I am interested in making a 60 min, 30 min and weekly period CandleGlance (range) 2 months. How do you do make a custom one? Thanks
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    Thanks Kevo. I hope Stockcharts can provide us making CandleGlance in different Periods that is easy to set up.
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