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Scan Criteria for bollinger bands of RSI

I would like to scan for when SMA(2,rsi(13)) cross of lower BB of RSI(13). How would I write this.


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited October 2018
    Lower BB of RSI13 seems to be Lower BB(20,2, RSI(13)) - at least the syntax checker allows it.

    Not sure which way you want to cross -

    ma cross above lower bb would be

    and [sma(2, RSI(13)) x Lower BB(20,2, RSI(13))]

    ma cross below lower bb would be the reverse

    and [Lower BB(20,2, RSI(13)) x sma(2, RSI(13)) ]

    Both pass syntax and both run, but only the first one gets results (vs sp500 universe). I didn't check them to see if it does what says.
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