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Many dividends paid Oct 31 2018 for mutual funds are not appearing in the data. Anyone else see this

Lack of current dividend data caused the _TICKER to be incorrectly calculated and also and calculation dependent on the reported dividend. Reported 3 times in past 4 days but no response or resolution. Anyone else seeing this?


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    I have found Support is very responsive to data errors, so I wonder what is happening here.

    What is _TICKER?

    I haven't heard of it, and when I did a site search, nothing came up.

    Also, do you have some symbols that show what you mean?

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    _TICKER is the uncorrected data for the asset symbol. For example, IFRAX, and _IFRAX differ by dividend amount. IFRAX, LFRAX, LHYAX, and FRFZX are examples to look at and show no recently reported dividend data. About 20 percent of the mutual funds I follow do not have current dividend data. I agree, in the past Support has been very responsive. Look at HELP for "dividend" and check "Historical Price Data is Adjusted for Splits, Dividends, and Distributions" for discussion. Thanks for the response.
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    OK. You were using _TICKER as a generic. I should have caught on to that.

    Everything you say is correct. They appear to be active symbols, and the originator website indicates the most recent dividends have been paid, so the charts should have been updated, it seems to me.

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    I had some time to look at this today and all seems to be updated now, at least for the symbols I checked.

    Not sure who their data vendor is for mutual funds but might have been a little late in delivery this month. My experience with mutual funds is they don't seem to be as prompt with data, as compared to stocks, even though they trade similar to stocks.

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    Finally resolved Nov 13 - All mutual funds I follow now have updated dividends. Thanks for the responses and help.

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