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I may have asks this before and if I did forgive me, is there anyway to save a chart style and open it in say six different windows with out making it your default setting? I want to keep the default setting the same as I have and yet open multiple windows in real time during market hrs?


  • If you open a browser window and enter a symbol, you will always get the default style.

    But, you can apply a saved chart style to stocks in a list and that style will still be there when you come back to that list.

    To apply a chart style to multiple charts or lists, create the style on one chart, then save the style and name it (see options to do this below the chart on the chart workbench). Once you have saved the style, you can apply it to one chart in a list, then go to the bottom of the chart workbench and select apply style to all.

    Save the stocks you want to open in separate browser windows to a list (or lists) in the chart style you want to view them with. That style will still be there after the list has been closed and opened again.

  • thxs mark but what I want is eact stock in a seperate window in real time?
  • So open the list in each window and go to the stock you want for that window.
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