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RSI Moving Average

Is it possible to write a scan asking for when RSI crosses from below to above it's own MA? Example might be when RSI(14) 1 Day ago is below it's own 20SMA and crosses above it's 20SMA today.


  • [RSI(14) > SMA(20),RSI(14))] I think that this is it?
  • Almost.

    If you want the crossover (actually, cross above), use "x" in place of ">".

    Also, you don't need the extra paren after "20".


    and [RSI(14) x sma(20, RSI(14) ) ]
  • Thank you
  • I like to use two statements for more accuracy when doing weekly scans.

    and [1 weeks ago RSI(14) < 1 week ago sma(20, RSI(14) ) ]
    and [ 0 weeks ago RSI(14)> 0 weeks ago sma(20, RSI(14) ) ]

    I don't know how the "x" works with weekly scans.
  • Earl, thanks.
  • @dhall6938 @earlberkun

    I think you need the "weekly" modifier in earlberkun's scan. Otherwise, it's working with daily data. If daily data is what you want to compare, then it would be better form to say 5 days ago instead of 1 week ago.

    So, for weekly data:

    and [1 week ago weekly RSI(14) < 1 week ago weekly sma(20, weekly RSI(14) ) ]
    and [ weekly RSI(14)> weekly sma(20, weekly RSI(14) ) ]

    or if you want to use the "x" operator

    and [weekly RSI(14) x weekly sma(20, weekly RSI(14)]

    Check your charts carefully to verify the results of either version. They should all meet the criteria.
  • Thanks again. I am using the weekly for now
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