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How to make "Gallery View" charts more useful

Really like Gallery View charts but would like the top chart to be a 60 or 120 min chart .... Is it possible to adjust the indicator settings (Bar periods) of the default 10 min (bar) standard Gallery View chart so as to represent a 60 or 120 min chart .... if I use a 10 period EMA on a 60 min chart what setting should I use to represent a 60 min EMA(10) line on the 10 min Gallery View so the indicators on the 10min chart will represent the indicators of a 60min chart .... Thanks


  • Here's the documentation page on Gallery View.

    Unfortunately, it seems only the 10 minute is available intraday.

    For an EMA translation, you won't get something exact, because the values used in the calculation are different. But, probably the closest approximation would be 6 10 min bars in one hour, times 10 hours or 60 ten minute bars, so EMA(60) on the 10 minute chart.
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