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Add preferred shares listed on the TSX to a chartlist

I would like to add some preferred shares listed on the TSX to a chartlist. For example, Enbridge Inc SER-13 4.4% CUMULATIVE RED PFD has the symbol ENB.PF.E. However when try to add it to a chartlist, StockCharts responds that it does not recognize the symbol. Is it possible to obtain quotes for preferred shares on the TSX and, if so, how do I enter the symbol in order to add it to a chartlist?


  • To find all the available Stockcharts symbols, enter "enbridge" in the "Sharpchart" window at the top of the member's page (or any page where it appears).

    There is one entry which might be a preferred, ENB/PA.TO. Note Stockcharts symbols may not be identical to a broker's symbols (due to using different data services).

    If that is not it, you can ask Support to add it (click Help in the upper right corner of the Member's page).
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