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how can I change the colors of the tails on the RRG charts?

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  • gordgord admin
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    The color of the tails is determined by which quadrant they end in, its part of the program, see the instructions for complete details.

    I haven't played with this new tool yet, but just tried it with the US industry indexes, 21 symbols in all, yes it does look a little busy but thats 21 symbols all showing by color where they are ending.

    Now by clicking on one of the symbol lines in the table below the chart you can highlight that symbol and dim all the others, now just use your up/down arrow keys to toggle thru all the symbols. Works very well.
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    Hi all, I just found out about this forum on the platform. Let me start to compliment Chip and his programmers on the way they have implemented Relative Rotation Graphs on the site. I am very impressed with the speed of development and the quality of the work delivered. Does that mean there are no wishes left? .... NO WAY :) I have a 'wish-list' and a 'to-research-further-list' that drops down to the floor from the Seattle Space needle .... some of them will make it to the product, most of them will not, I doubt if it will ever be 'ready'.

    Now having said that the simple answer to Hanks original question on being able to change the colors of the trails on the RRG chart would be 'NO they cannot be changed' As Kevo pointed out the trails are colored following the quadrant in which they are moving and the colors will actually change, for the complete trail, when a security crosses over into another quadrant. Using this color convention enables users to immediately identify which securities are moving in what quadrant of the RRG chart. On top of that you may have noticed that some securities have a thicker trail than others, the setting for that is that securities that are more on the outside of the plot, further away from the center, are thicker than the ones that are closer to the center. The reason for that is that the further away from the center (=benchmark) the stronger the trend and the alpha generation potential.

    As Gord has pointed out that, when the plot becomes a bit crowded, it is helpful to click in the table below the RRG and browse through the list which will highlight the security that is selected and dim all others. A great way to get a cleare picture and tell the various ticker symbols apart.

    Another thing you may want to experiment with is the trail length. I have found that trying to balance the number of securities on the plot against the length of the trail will help making the chart more 'readable'. The more securities in the plot at the same time the shorter the trail and vice versa... The two images below should give some more insight. The first one shows the S&P sector ETFs with a twelve week trail. The second image shows the industry groups with a 3 week trail. This second chart holds more than twice the number of elements but is still very 'readable'.

    Hope this adds a little 'color' to the discussion Hank :)


  • It appears that you cannot change the colors. The colors are already well color coded respective to what it is indicating - lagging, improving, etc. For a new service, it already has some great features.

    I think everyone should be able to ask questions on this forum. Some questions can be really noobish.
  • Hi Kevo, you have made many helpful contributions to this site, but your comment above bothers me a little. I hope you share my feeling that it's important to make people feel welcome here, especially newcomers. We are a community but everybody sees things differently. So if we have a negative opinion of someone's question, wouldn't it be better to pass on the question and let someone else answer it? Or contribute our knowledge (as you do very well) but hold back on the judgement? Thanks for listening.
  • Hi markd. I copy. Thanks. The last thing I want to do is upset markd! Your knowledge and insight is very helpful. I did not realize this could happen. I will watch out for this going forward.

    I was wondering if hank is asking a serious question, or is it someone poking around and just having fun? I take the forum seriously because we can learn things from it. I have not seen a question like this on here before so that is what caused me to think that. I should have worded the comment into these terms.

    hank, my apologies if your question was a serious one. If you were just having fun, then instead of doing that, put some work into your question. A lot of these questions are easy to figure out if only you apply yourself. This is really what I wanted to communicate.
  • Thanks, Kevo.
  • when I create a chart with - say 10 stocks/etfs - and several have the same color of the tails it is difficult to follow the rotation. hence - how can I change the colors of the tails to make them different? game?????? hank
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