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How do I make a template? I have a monthly chart of the SPY, with vertical line annotations when

the closing price is above or below the 200 ema. Green line for above, red line for below. I would like to make a template out of this so I can use it with any symbol. I have tried to save it as a chart style, but it does not preserve the annotations. It would be very cumbersome to copy these annotations on every chart I want to see, so any help would be appreciated. I call it Risk On/Off.
Thanks in advance.


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited December 2018
    As far as I know, you can make templates (chart styles) only from the options offered on the Chart Workbench in the Chart Attributes, Overlays and Indicators sections.

    Maybe some one has an idea how to accomplish something like what you want with what's available there.

    P.S. It seems you could use MACD(1,200,1) with a horizontal line at zero. When MACD Line is above zero, the close is above the 200 MA, and below when it's below. Hopefully this link will work:

    Not as pretty, but maybe you could play with the settings. Just an idea.
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