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I need help with a complex scan

I'm looking to be able to pull results that I am trying to isolate where the following occurs

PPO goes negative AND

ADX DI- crosses upward with ADX DI+ AND

CMF is negative

Also the converse

Any thoughts?


  • On the scan workbench, you can select all the indicators you want to use.

    You have to edit them slightly. For crossovers, the operator is "x", which means that the expression on the left, e.g. Minus DI(14), crosses above the expression on the right, e.g. Plus DI(14). Negative just means less than ("<") 0. For PPO, you probably want to use PPO Hist.

    The "writing scans" link at the bottom of the page is a good, quick intro.

    Also follow the link for "sample scans" on the workbench page, and then the "sample scans" link on that page to see crossover examples (follow the link) like yours.

  • Thanks. I will work on it. Do you know of anyone on the network who actually will write the scan in its entirety?
  • No, but maybe someone will.
  • Are you saying you want to scan for stocks with CMF being negative, the PPO Histogram crossing below zero, and the -DI crossing above the +DI on the same day? Or an I misunderstanding something? That seems likely to provide very small list. If that's all you're after you might try this:

    [type is stock] and [sma(20,volume) > 40000]
    and [CMF(20) < 0.0]
    and [0 x PPO Hist(12,26,9)]
    and [Minus DI(14) x Plus DI(14)]
  • Ok Thanks!
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