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Chartlist Maintenance Operations

Hello! There are a couple things I'd like to do, and have not found.

1) Export the list as Comma Separated File

2) Rename all the charts with "$Ticker - $Name" the way the Annotater does when it attempts to upload a chart which is not pre-existing.

If these features are not available, I intend to request them.

Best Answer


  • You can export lists from scan results not from ChartLists.

    You can rename the charts in ChartBook and 10 per page mode, and you can rename them in edit mode by clicking the edit info link.

    These features are available and can be accomplished and do not warrant a request.
  • Hi Kevo,

    1. I want a .csv file (or cut/paste display) of the chartlist, not of the scan results.

    2. I want to rename every chart in the list with one click, as easy as assigning different chart formats to each chart in the list. I don't want to go through them all one at a time.

    I have a workaround for #1 but not for #2, and both of these features are easily within the programming capabilities of Chip's excellent team.

  • Perfect, Gord. Thank you! You know, I should have been able to figure out #1, and that of course would lead directly to the #2 solution. Oh well; just not as sharp as I used to be :)
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