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Scanning for stocks that have crossed the 50 Month Simple Moving Average?

Hello. I am trying to scan for stocks that are over 750,000 in volume daily with price action that has crossed the 50 month SMA

I am able to scan for stocks
I am able to scan for stocks with volume over 750,000 daily
I am unable to scan for stocks that have crossed/touched the 50 Month Simple Moving Average.

I contacted support and they said it was possible.

correct ---- [type = stock]
correct ----- and [DAILY volume > 750,000]
incorrect ---- and [MONTHS SMA((50) is CROSSED]

Has anyone done this successfully?



  • markdmarkd mod
    edited January 2019
    [type = stock]
    and [DAILY volume > 750,000]
    and [monthly close x monthly sma(50, monthly close)]

    This passes syntax and gets 212 results on 1/20.

    This page has a section on time frame modifiers:

    Scans with a time frame other than daily may get different results, depending on when you run them.

    For a weekly or monthly scan, results WILL be accurate if you run them after the close of the last bar in the time frame (and before the next open) - in other words, after the Friday close for weekly, after the close of the last day of the month for monthly. You can use the date adjuster (calendar drop down on the scan workbench) to set the date to a Friday or last day of a month.

    On other days, the scan engine uses the most recent update as the end of the week or month, even if the week or month is not over. So, as prices fluctuate, symbols may or may not meet your criteria anymore, even if they did some time before.
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