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Scanning in multi-time frames in same scan.

Scan for Price above 20MA(monthly chart) AND Price is above 50MA(weekly chart) AND Price above 200MA(Daily chart)



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    In your case, you should write the scan for all daily MAs, then put "weekly" and "monthly" modifiers where needed. So for instance, for daily you would write

    and [close > sma(20, close)]

    then add the modifiers:

    and [monthly close > monthly sma(20, monthly close)]

    The disadvantage with multi-time frame scans is that you have to check the results on multiple charts because you can't mix time frames on one chart. If you want to see all the conditions on one chart, you could convert all the time time frames to daily. So for weekly, you would multiply the number of weeks in the MA by 5, and for monthly by 21. The results wouldn't be EXACTLY the same, but probably acceptable when working with such long periods.
  • Thanks markd
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