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Data adjusted for dividends, vrs non-adjusted data

I was very happy to learn that StockCharts uses historical data that has been adjusted for splits, dividends and similar events. The support information on the site indicates that by prepending an underscore character to the ticker symbol, one can access the non-adjusted trading data.

I have been looking at particular "PerfCharts", but I have not been able to see any difference between a chart of a ticker symbol either with or without the prepended underscore. As a specific example, the Two Harbors mortgage REIT pays about 10% to 12% a year in dividends, but I see no difference on a PerfChart done with or without the undescore. Example:,_TWO

I had hoped that this would overlay the adjusted and non-adjusted plots on top of each other.

Am I doing something wrong?


  • Perfcharts probably won't do it because the data adjustment doesn't change the performance of the stock, just the prices used to plot it.

    I think what you want to do is create a chart for TWO, then, in the Indicators drop down, select "Price" and enter _TWO. Then for "Position" select "Behind Price" and for "Style" select something different than you chose for TWO (so, if the main chart TWO is Candlesticks, choose OHLC for _TWO).
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