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How do I replace RSI over bought 70 with a shaded block of 70 to 90 and over sold 30 to a block of 30 to 15 . Thanks


  • You have to add RSI several times, once for RSI line, then once for each custom feature - in your case, five, the indicator itself and again for each line.

    For the first RSI:

    Add RSI, set Position to Above or Below, Opacity to 0.0 (makes the default indicator invisible), Overlay to Simple Moving Average, Parameters to 1:black (makes the RSI line visible again).

    For the second and following:

    Add RSI again, set Postion to Behind Ind, Opacity to 0.0, Overlay to Horizontal Line, Parameters to 90:red (or choose another available color)

    For the next one, Parameters will be 70:red, then 30:green, then 15:green (or whatever you choose).
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