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Market Cap Scanner

Can I scan stocks by market capitalization? I just need to eliminate companies that have a market cap higher than $10bln. I am looking for companies that are equal or smaller $10bln

Thank You


  • Have you tried the new editor on the advanced scan workbench? It's very good at making suggestions while you are typing.

    For instance, after you click on "Try the new editor" (the green button):

    type the letter "a", it suggests "and [ ]", meaning add a new clause ; click on that

    now, click inside the brackets and type the letter "m"

    the first suggestion is "market cap", so click on that and it fills in "market cap > 10,000"

    The numbers represent millions, so 100 is 100 million (so 10,000, conveniently, is 10 billion)

    Now edit that for your needs.

    Or, if you prefer the old fashioned way:

    On the Advanced Scan workbench, look in the drop down called "Ticker Properties".

    Click on "market cap" and then click on "Add".

    It will show up in the scan writing window.

    Here's a link to the documentation on the all the available ticker properties, including market cap:

    Explanations for the entries in the other drop downs, or suggestions from the new editor, are also available through the Help or search icon (the magnifying glass) in the top right corner of the page.
  • thank you. I have figured it out later. It was very simple question
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