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$NYAD/NYUD Intraday value are different from EOD Adjusted

It has been a few month that Advance-Decline indicators, like $NYAD/$NYUD, $AMAD/AMUD, $NAAD/NAUD, have intraday data issue, the intraday data is very volatile and wrong compared with EOD adjusted data, no matter they are minute/hour data. This make these data during trading hour useless. Has anyone noticed this and asked to fix?
I remember this started a few months ago, and these intraday indicator became volatile and showed wrong value during trading hour, for instance, $NYUD ranges from -400 to 600 on 2/15/2019, but the intraday value could be over 2000. They only got corrected in a few hours after market close. This means during trading hours, these indicators are useless. It's funny the correct value can be see on chart List Summary but can't be show on the chart.
Below are examples.
2/15/19 Intraday chart during trading hour(Wrong data, $NYUD ranges from -100 to 2300):

2/15/19 EOD adjusted $NYAD and $NYUD(Correct data, $NYUD ranges from -425 to 642):


  • This is probably a data vendor issue. It's possible Stockcharts is not aware of it. I would recommend sending your examples (even more if have them) to Stockcharts Support. If you notice them as they are happening, send them along as soon as possible after you see them.
  • I sent them in details about the issue, seems like so far they only patched up the correct data for EOD and not for the entire intraday data even the correct data is available (can be seen on List Summary) during the trading hours. :(
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