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Copying a chart using "copy"/"paste" on the mouse

For years, that's how i'd copy a chart into a Word doc or into an email. Since yesterday, the copy/paste only pastes the ticker of the chart, and nothing else! Is anyone else having (or ever had) this issue??? (i reached out to and they said no changes have been made on their end).


  • You didn't say which version of Word you are using. That might make a difference. Updates to Word from Microsoft, especially security updates, might affect the operation you are describing.

    I have Office365 with Word. Copy and paste works normally if you select the "Picture" Paste option. If you select "Keep Source Formatting" it pastes a truncated version of the chart (although still more than just the ticker). Try the different options under Paste or Paste Special to see if you get a different result.
  • my main use is to copy into Gmail. I just tried Word (version 2007) to see if it would work there, but I generally don't use Word). In both places, Gmail and Word, the result is the same. Maybe it was the recent Windows update (Windows 10 Pro). Ever since then I've been having the issue. If you have any thoughts on how I can try to solve this, please advise. I appreciate it!
  • UPDATE: I just downloaded Google Chrome and opened there. Did a 'copy' then 'paste into a Gmail, and it worked!! So it looks like since Windows updated Edge, the copy/paste on Edge was impacted. I'm switching to chrome and that should solve things! Thanks again for your help
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    Also try Firefox. I find it easier than Chrome, but that just might be habit. Also, I think less tracking, if that matters to you.
  • 'tracking'???
  • Many sites collect data on your internet activity. Firefox makes it easier to turn that off.
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