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Scan for Outside day followed by...

Hi. can you tell me how to do w scan for an

outside day with a down close

followed by an inside day



  • An outside day is just a higher high than the day before, and a lower low than the day before.

    An inside day is the opposite, a lower high than the day before and a higher low than the day before.

    For the scan engine to find what you want, you have to tell it which highs you want to compare, and which lows. You do that with "modifiers", like 1 day ago, 2 days ago, etc. If you don't use a modifier, then the scan engine assumes you mean the most recent daily value.

    So, in your example, to get the outside day, you have to compare the values (high and low) for 1 day ago to the values for 2 days ago. For the high, that would be:

    and [1 day ago high > 2 days ago high]

    You can figure out how to do the low.

    For the inside day, it would be it would be the most recent values (today's) compared to the 1 day ago values:

    and [high < 1 day ago high]

    You can get the low.

    Then for the outside day close, you have to compare the 1 day ago close to the 2 days ago close.

    If you get stuck, post what you have.

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