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cannot develop scans using "Force"

I cannot develop any scans using Force as an indicator. Every time I try I end up with no candidates. Even a simple scan like: Force crosses above 0 today or this week results in no candidates. Force appears in the indicator list in stockcharts so why cant you scan with it?

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    The volume based indicators like Force are updated end of day.

    During market hours if you run:

    [SCTR.small > 90] and [Force (13) x 0]

    you will get zero hits for today.
    Must wait until after market close because Force is only updated at end of day.


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    Hi JH, if you post the scan maybe someone can come up with some tweaks. I use it all the time, but not the way you do. You might have a hidden logic flaw or, it could be there are just no hits right now. Keep in mind, most stocks move together, so the hits can be far apart - some days you get none, others you will be flooded.
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    I tried Carlsons comment and it works. I was trying to use Force 13 with intraday market data.
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