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Restore or bring back a chart list

Today my key chart list with the breadth indicators all appearing as SharpCharts in order and configurations that I learned from Arthur Hill's blogs, turned into PnF charts! I am unable to restore the original charts. Is there a way to get my list back in its original SharpChart configurations?
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  • If you have not closed your browser since you viewed the list with the original chart settings, and have not viewed too many pages since, you may be able to get your charts back using the browser's back button. If that works, you may be able to save each chart by clicking on it to go to chart workbench and clicking save. Then hit the back button again and scroll down to the next one.

    If you have closed your browser, you can ask Support, but I would guess the answer is no.

    Alternatively, if you saved a chart style for all/each chart, you can re-apply the chart style.

    If you have to re-build the list, to prevent this happening again, make a copy of the list and name the copy so it appears at the very bottom of the list and/or far away from any other lists that you commonly update. My guess is this happened because you accidentally selected the wrong entry on a drop down list.

  • Hello, markd,
    I tried using the browser's back button. That did not work. I thought restoring the computer to a prior date would work, but it did not. That involved closing the browser. I wrote Support. I am waiting for a response from them. I did not save a chart style because each chart was so specific to breadth indicators. Thanks for the tip to make a copy of the re-build.
    Thank you for your response to my problem.
  • markdmarkd mod
    edited March 2019
    I'm 99 per cent sure you will have to re-build the list. If they do keep a back up, and can restore your list, you will probably need to give them a date (e.g. Thursday March 7) when the list was correct, and the list name/number. Or, they may need to restore your entire account as of some date, which would overwrite/omit anything you have done since that date.
  • @six

    I just remembered Arthur Hill has ChartPacks you might want to install. I haven't, so I don't know how it works, but you could start investigating here:
  • Thanks for the follow-up, markd.
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