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Could someone please answer a couple questions? first I'm watching a chart in realtime and there is a green hue around it but its a red spinning top?? second under scans there is a scan that is predefined, is there away to see the criteria that was used on that scan?


  • 1 - the hue around the last (most recent) candle indicates the market that stock trades in is open and the stock is trading. When the market closes, the hue goes away.

    2 - to see the scan code for a predefined scan: - Go to the predefined scan page. Find the scan you want. Click on the number on the left that indicates how many results there are for that scan. The results page comes up listing the symbols the scan found. In the upper right corner, it says "Click here to edit this scan". Clicking there takes you to the advanced scan work page with the scan code.
  • Wow thxs Mark
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