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Tracking Mcclellans intraday - NYSI/summation index

Hey all, I know that the NYSE Mcclellans are usually EOD calculated in stockcharts, namely the NYMO and NYSI (summation). Is anyone aware of a stockcharts intraday (like 30m) symbol for NYSI or a way to calculate?

I've figured out that the NYMO/Mcclellan oscillator can be calculated intraday by setting symbol to $NYAD and a MACD indicator with 19,39,1 parameters. Is there a way to use indicators or something else in stockcharts to calculate the summation (NYSI) intra day? thanks in advance


  • I guess what you would want is a simple accumulator like OBV for volume, but applied to the MACD. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be anything like that in the Advanced Options drop down, and I don't see anything that would synthesize it, either.

    I was thinking something like the CCI applied to the MACD might do something similar. Like the Summation Index it adds a layer of slowing, but 1 - I'm not sure if it would do what you want, and 2 - you'd probably have to play with the CCI parameter to see if there is a reasonable setting.
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