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Weekly volume scan

Good Day
How do I create a scan showing weekly volume Grey instead of Red and Grey. I only want to scan for the weekly chart with grey weekly volume bar . thanks


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited March 2019
    You can't scan for colors, but since grey signifies a weekly close greater than the prior weekly close, you can scan for that. So, for this week's close greater than last week's close, you would write:

    and [weekly close > 1 week ago weekly close]

    If you want one or more prior weeks' closes to be positive (grey), you would would write something like:

    and [1 week ago weekly close > 2 weeks ago weekly close]
    and [2 weeks ago weekly close > 3 weeks ago weekly close]
    and [etc. ...

    You should run weekly scans after the close on Friday. If you run a weekly scan during the week, the scan engine considers the most recent data update to be the end of the current week, which of course it is not.

    If you choose to run your scan as of some past date (say six weeks ago, or a year ago, or whatever), you should choose a Friday date for that, too.

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