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Could not scan for Four or Five Black Crows

[[ type = stock] or [ type = index] or [symbol starts with '$']]and [country is US]
and [[Falling Three Methods is true]
or [Three Black Crows is true]
or [Four Black Crows is true] or [Five Black Crows is true]]
and [ATR(14) > 1.5]

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    gordgord admin
    Answer ✓
    Yes this is partially true, "Four and Five Black Crows" are not predefined scan options. If you try to type them in manually you will get a syntax error like the following;

    "Your scan syntax is incorrect. Could not parse "FOUR BLACK CROWS" located in the clause "FOUR BLACK CROWS IS TRUE" "

    Now you could easily write you own candlestick scan. Here's a similar example that explains how to do this. Just lay it out on paper and then enter it into the scan engine one line (candle) at a time.

    Here's a snippet from that article.


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