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changing a chart style in different lists

Is there anyway to change the charts in say 5 chart list all at the same time? as an example I have five different chart lists with six to ten charts in them and i want to change the cmf from one setting to another,can I some how lump them together and do them all at once or do I have to go into each chart list and change them?


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited April 2019
    No. Changing a style DOES NOT automatically apply the change to all charts in all lists that were saved with that style. You have to change each list.

    For newbies who might have the same question:

    The way to do it would be to make the change on one chart, save that chart's settings as a chart style (the same one as you had before you made the change (if that's what you want), or else create a new chart style) and then apply the style to all the other charts in that list (the apply to all button is at the bottom of the chart workbench page).

    Then from the drop down at the top of the chart workbench page, select the next list, select a stock, apply the style and apply all again.

    Repeat for each list.

  • Ok thats the way I been doind it, but if you have many charts it takes awhile...thx u Mark
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