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Are these symbols scanable ? !GT20XLK, !GT20XLY ...

I have list 125 containing these !GT20*** symbols for the eleven sectors - !GT20XLK, !GT20XLY, !GT20XLI..... , etc

A simple scan below won't return anything. Wonder if these symbols are scanable ? Please advise.

[favorites list is 125] // US Sector Breadth above EMA20
and [
Close > 50

Best Answers

  • markdmarkd mod
    edited April 2019 Answer ✓
    Apparently not.

    These scans pass syntax but gets "0 results".

    [symbol starts with '!GT']

    [symbol starts with '!']

    The author of these indicators is Carl Swenlin who runs DecisionPoint, now incorporated into StockCharts (his daughter Erin does the daily market video). But apparently the indicator data has not been incorporated into the scan engine database, which is separate from the chart data database.

    You should send a suggestion to Support to add them. You will get a form letter response, but suggestions really do go on an "enhancements list" and will be considered, in competition with other suggestions, for the next cycle of upgrades.
  • innerpassinnerpass
    Answer ✓
    @markd Thnx.
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