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Weekly New High Alert?

Hi All! I currently get a new high list EOD for the S&P 500 stocks using the syntax below - my question is, if I wanted to change this to only get weekly closes that were stocks at new highs, can I adjust this? Thanks!!!
[today's high > yesterday's daily max(253,high)]
and [group is SP500]


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited April 2019
    This would get accurate results when run after the last market close of the week.

    The default time frame modifier for all terms that need a modifier is "daily", so if you don't want to reference daily data, you have specify what time frame data you do want. It's obvious that terms that refer to data would need a modifier - like high, low, close, etc. It's not so clear that functions like max( ) and min( ) also need time frame modifiers, so that's kind of hit and miss. Probably better to put it in. My guess is, if the modifier DOESN'T belong there, it would probably generate a syntax error - but no guarantee of that.

    [group is SP500]
    and [weekly high > 1 week ago weekly max(52,weekly high)]
  • Thanks!!! I'll give that a try!!!!!
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