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Check for the Market Trend


I am running a scan which I would like it to return results only when SPY is above its 20 days moving average. Something like:
and ['SPY' close > 'SPY' sma(20,close)]
Does anyone know how to code this?


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  • markdmarkd mod
    edited April 2019 Answer ✓
    I am pretty sure you have to use a separate scan to determine if SPY meets your condition (or look at the chart).

    The scan would be:

    [symbol is 'SPY']
    and [close > sma(20, close)]

    The reason is, the scan engine returns a symbol only if it meets ALL conditions in the scan. Only SPY meets the condition [symbol is 'SPY'], so only SPY will be returned.

    But, you *might* be able to test for the opposite condition for SPY, using an 'or' statement, like this.

    // these lines should execute when SPY is below its SMA and return only symbol SPY
    // the favorites list code (second part of the 'or' condition') should not return anything (I think)

    [symbol is 'SPY']
    and [close < sma(20, close)]


    // these lines should execute when SPY > MA 20

    [ favorites list is ??] // your list
    and [ some condition]
    and [ some condition]

    Make sure you include ALL the brackets. Sorry I don't have the time to test to be sure this will work. You have to find a day when SPY is below its MA 20, and list conditions are true.


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