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Industry group

I have 2 questions:
1- is there a way to get the SCTR for each Industry group?
2 - for each individual industry group, is it possible to get the breadth such as AD percent, HighLow Percent and % of stock above 200EMA.
Appreciate your help. thanks


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited June 2019
    If a symbol has a SCTR, it will appear above the chart in the "Full Quote" panel. You can display the Full Quote panel by checking its box in the Chart Attributes section on the Chart Workbench.

    You can also see the SCTRs on the results page for any scan you run.

    Here's an explanation of the SCTR classifications:

    You will notice there is no classification for industries (but there should be - I've requested it from Support - you should, too, if you want it). Stockcharts more or less follows the $DJUSxx indexes to classify stocks into industries, but so far the $DJUSxx symbols themselves don't have SCTRs.

    I think the best you can do is identify ETFs that roughly correspond to the $DJUSxx industry indexes (for instance SOX is semiconductors, probably similar to $DJUSSC) and look at their SCTRs. You could enter the name of major ETF issuers into Search to get more symbols (e.g. iShares). Or, you could run a scan with group is etf and name contains semiconductors, or another industry name. Maybe put them in a list and run a scan ranking the list by SCTR.etf. The SCTR values would show where an industry ranks among all ETFs, not just industries, but the relative position vs other industries should be about right.

    See this answer to a previous question for AD percent, etc.
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