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PerfChart default days set to 100

I use PerfCharts quite a bit. How can I set the default # of days to 100 and not 200 as it is now? The charts always default to 200 days when they reload, even when I save them with 100 days selected.

Also wondering if it's possible to get a vertical line cursor (or cross hairs) on the PerfCharts?

Thank you!


  • Yes if you save (bookmark) the default input page you will get the default 200 day setting when you pull it up again. The URL you are bookmarking will look something like this for the SU symbol for Suncor.

    Now to save (bookmark) the page with your 100 day setting, just use the "Linkable Version" link to the right of the symbol input box. It will give you a URL for the page you are looking at and it will include the 100 day time setting. Just copy and paste that link into your bookmark folder, the link will look something like this.

    As far as vertical lines I'm not aware of any way to do that, however there are a few more chart settings you could review, just right click on the chart and you will see a pop up with more settings.

    cheers Gord
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