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Biggest online trading platform in Nigeria

Good day sir, i am from Nigeria and i really need to know the best online trading platform in Nigeria, therefore i honestly need your help. thanks


  • If your looking for data I think your best bet is eSignal, metastock or tradingview. All three offer Nigerian market data. For some reason stockcharts offers very little in the grand scheme of things

  • @MadRoofer

    Well, Stockcharts is not intended to be a trading platform as the others are and the subscription cost for Stockcharts is much, much less after you consider sometimes hidden fees on the alternatives. True, for day traders SC is not ideal, but for swing and position traders, the custom scanning, charting options and list keeping features are hard to beat for the cost. If you are thinking of going to another platform, consider what your real needs are and do your research thoroughly.
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