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Bad Results

When I run the scan below and compare it to a chart, it's results are not correct. I was looking for a bounce off of the EMA(50).

Having said that, another scan that I ran yesterday produced two results at the close and even a couple of minutes after the close it produced the same two, but this morning it produced 9 results. I'm starting to wonder if there isn't something wrong with my computer or internet connection or something else?

[Group is SP500] and [Volume > 1,000,000] and [Low < EMA(50,Close)*1.01] and [Close > EMA(50,close)*.99] and [Close >= 5] and [Close <= 25] and [SCTR >= 70] and [EMA(18,Close ) > EMA(50,Close)] and [EMA(50,Close ) > EMA(100,Close)] and [EMA(100,Close ) > EMA(200,Close)]


  • It's very unlikely that the scan results are wrong. You have too many conditions for me to take the time to construct a chart style to verify the results, but it is very likely you have misinterpreted either the scan or the chart. Check that the chart includes every indicator, and that you are looking at the right values when checking whether the conditions are met. To simplify the process, you could comment out most of the conditions, then add them back one by one.

    As for getting different results after the close, the data available after the 4 pm eastern close continues to get updated until roughly 6 pm, sometimes later. The data changes are due to corrections from the exchanges (many stocks are traded on more than one exchange) to the data vendors. So, it's unlikely your connection is at fault.
  • Thanks Mark. I said that wrong. The results are not what I was anticipating and I am certain that it is because of the way that I have written the scan.
  • I don't know what to call these multiplication factors (*), but when I remove both of them, I get results that I recognize. I see a low below today's 50EMA and I see a close above it. Thanks again
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