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Hi There I still can't get this Scan to work
Help would be greatly appreciated

[type = stock] AND [country is US]
and [SMA(50,close)*SMA(50,volume)>2500000]
AND [Close > 12 ]
and [group is NOT ETF]
and [weekly PctRelative(20,$INDUSTRY)] )>0]

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  • markdmarkd mod
    Accepted Answer
    Your Q: Should I remove the brackets...?
    A: Just copy and paste the $INDUSTRY line from my response to your scan (then take a close look at the difference)

    Your Q: should I add a couple of zeroes?
    A: That's up to you. You could try using "market cap" instead, for example:

    and [market cap > 100] // this means market cap is over 100 million

    Your Q: is there a book...
    A: There is no book. But, you can learn scanning from these links:

    Maybe to get started, you could look at the pre-defined scan code. Here's how:

    Find "Pre-defined Scans" link on the Members Page in the "Members Tools" section (scroll down)

    On the Pre-defined Scans page, click on any number in the first column.

    On the results page, click on "Click here to edit this scan" in the upper right corner of the page.

  • Accepted Answer
    Thanks ever so much
    Very kind of you to take the time to help folks like me


  • [type = stock]
    AND [country is US]
    and [group is NOT ETF]
    AND [Close > 12 ]
    and [SMA(50,close)*SMA(50,volume)>2500000]
    and [weekly PctRelative(20,$INDUSTRY)>0]

    This version makes it run (removed bracket - not parens - after $INDUSTRY.

    But, it gets 999 results. Maybe the SMA line needs a bigger number - add some zeroes?
  • First off thanks and sorry but I am not comfortable I understand
    Should I remove the brackets on the line with Industry? Should I add a couple of zero's after the 2500000? Have any suggestion for a book I might buy to better understand writing Scans as I am really uncomfortable now as I continue to try
    Thanks Again
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