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Ok can anyone tell me how to make the size of the chart its self bigger? when I use bollinger bans sometime they don't show on the chart if the stock is dropping fast. I know i can add extra bars side ways, is there away to do that for the height?


  • I don't think so.

    You can get more clear space by adding an indicator and setting opacity to 0, but that won't show the BBs.

    If the symbols is hitting new lows, you are probably out of luck. But if it is retracing a recent past move, you may be able to adjust the dates back to show the old prices so the scale expands to accommodate them.

    Also, you might be able to translate the parameters to a different time frame, say from daily to weekly, so you can see back further, but the values won't be exactly the same.

    If you are using the BBs for stops, remember the values are displayed on the chart in the upper left.
  • yes I have done the things you mention'
    thank you
  • I think I also remember that you can put the Price indicator behind the chart, with a different symbol in a similar, but wider, price range and make the Price symbol data invisible. Haven't tried it, though.
  • Another thought - the new Stockcharts "ACP" charts might give you what you want. Click on the green button by your name on the Members page.
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