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Price within percentage of yearly high?


I'm a new user trying to figure out how to scan for stocks within a % of the 52 week high.

I use Stockfetcher (but am interested in switching); the code at that site is relatively simple: "close is greater than 75% of the 52 week high"

Any help would be appreciated duplicating this at StockCharts.


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    markdmarkd mod
    edited July 2019
    One way to do it might be

    [exchange is NYSE]
    and [close > max(251, high) * .75]

    (assuming 251 trading days in a year)

    Or, you could do it

    and [ weekly close > max(52, weekly high) * .75]

    Stockcharts code looks a lot more like "real" code than the plain english text in your example. That probably scares some people away, but it shouldn't. The scan tool has drop downs and auto-suggest to help newbies get up to speed and the tutorials are also very complete and straightforward.

    There is a learning curve, but the reward is exceptional flexibility is specifying exactly the kinds of situations you want to look at. That can save A LOT of time reviewing results. You can limit your searches not only by indicator conditions, but also by market cap, by sector or industry, by country, by exchange and many other characteristics (has options, pays a dividend, etc.) Stockcharts also has a ranking system so you can scan for only top-performing stocks (or worst-performing, if you are a bottom fisher).

    Check out the scanning pages in Chart School
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