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Get down load of full created graph values (e.g + indicators data, Overlays daata, Indicators data)

I am looking to download additional complete information from the graphs I am producing in your site, for the needs to continue processing them. Moreover, I will try to explain:
Because I use complex graphs (adding to the basic graph shown are graphs of indicators such as: indicator of SPX, MACD indicators, etc.).
Not only the values of the daily candle & volume, but also all the values shown in the indicators and the values of the overlays If these are defined in the usage graph, such as price channels.
I want to know how to get all the values of the graph lines defined in the query for a downloaded file, such as the download services that you give to the basic candle information.


  • As far as I know, for scans you can only download the data that shows up on the results page of your scan. If your scan includes a "rank by statement", e.g. rank by MACD Line(12,26,9), the MACD value will appear on the results page and you can get it in the CSV file.

    For charts, you can download only the data that appears under the Past Data link below each chart.

    In theory, if you have the open/high/low/close data for any symbol under the Past Data link, you can calculate in a spreadsheet any indicator that relies on that data (e.g. emas, smas, MACD, price channels, etc.) if you can program the indicator formula into your spreadsheet. Programmers or sophisticated Excel users could do that but for most, that's probably not the case. Emas and smas are pretty simple, but MACD and price channels get a little complicated.

    I'm not sure what you want to do with the indicator data that can't be accomplished with the scan engine (except some RS calculations). If you need help with that, we can try to work out a way to do at least some things.

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