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How to draw moving averages on a Price - Up/Down Pair

See the link below for a daily chart for $NYA. The indicator window shows a Price - Up/Down Pairs with $NYADV and $NYDEC. I am able to draw a 50-day SMA for $NYADV but I couldn't figure out how draw one for $NYDEC.

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    I felt compelled to comment on this. The "Price - Up/Down Pair" indicator was recently developed with a flurry of other changes that were all rolled out in a short period of time to support the merger with Decision Point.

    Sometimes when a new feature is developed after the design of the internal framework, there may be unforeseen/unintended consequences.

    "Price - Up/Down Pair" is unique. It is the only indicator of its kind on SCC. I doubt there would be a design change to the framework to accommodate one indicator.

    I suggest this could best be countered by breaking down the "Price - Up/Down Pair" into two separate "Price" indicators, set the style to Histogram, then add a moving average to each. You get exactly what you are looking for, but just not "the visual coolness" that the "Price - Up/Down Pair" indicator would provide.


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    Hi dreamtalk, I don't think drawing more then one indicator like a MA on another indicator is possible. So two MA's on the different parts of a price Up/Dn pair seems not possible. I am still learning so I may be overseeing something...

    However I think you can achieve what you want by drawing the two parts of the Up/Dn pair as individual lines using the 'Price' indicator. apply the desired indicator on it, in your case a SMA, and then set the second indicator to show up 'behind indicator'.
    See linkable chart here$NYA&p=D&yr=0&mn=3&dy=0&id=p27727079563&a=361921630

    It is not as neat as the declines showing up as 'neg' values but it will enable you to compare the MA's of the two series in one chart...
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    Thank Julius, I like your solution to the problem but I would still like to apply that SMA to the Price - Up/Down pairs.
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    markdmarkd mod
    edited August 2014
    I think you might need to make this a request to support for an enhancement. It doesn't look like the available options will do it.

    You can get the DEC average behind the ADV average, but not superimposed on the DEC bars, if that's what you want.

    To get one for DEC, add another Price-Up/down pairs indicator, change the ADV to DEC, so you have two DECs, make it invisible (opacity 0.0), add an average, put it behind indicator.
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    Thanks Mark, I will probably send a request. I can live without it but it would make sense to somehow draw moving averages or other indicators for both.
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