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Saved scan results not replicated to the scan engine.

This problem comes back. The second time I've come across.

When scan results are saved to a list, the list is not replicated to the scan engine. As a result, I cannot run another scan to further filter the scan results.

E.g. scan results are saved to "7000 stock list" , then following scan returns zero results.

[favorites list is 62] // 7000 stock list


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited August 2019
    A couple of suggestions.

    If you typed in [favorites list is 62] // 7000 stock list, that may be the problem. Instead, select it from the Chartlist drop down on the scan workbench page. If you added the list from the workbench, then that's not the problem.

    It's possible something is corrupted, either in the list or the scan or your browser. This happened to me recently.

    Delete both the list and the scan (after copying and pasting the scan to Notepad or other word processing software).

    Add a couple of dummy lists. This is to insure that you do not get the same list number later when you add back your target list //7000 stock list. You can delete them later.

    Log out of Stockcharts.

    If your browser has a cache, clear it, or change the settings so it doesn't save anything from session to session. Then close the browser.

    To be safe, turn off the computer and turn it back on.

    That should get ride of anything that might be corrupted.

    Now log back in again. Run the scan that produces the data you want to save, and use the results page drop down to create and name a new list.

    Now open your Notepad copy of the scan. Delete the reference to the list. Copy and paste it into a new scan.

    Use the Chartlist drop down to add the new list you just created from your scan. It will appear at the bottom of the scan. Cut and paste it to the top.

    Check syntax and save the scan with a new name - any slight variation of the original name is fine.

    Run the new scan. It should work.

    Then run the data scan, replace the contents of the target list and run the filter scan again. It should work. If it doesn't, report the problem to Stockcharts.
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