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catching up on missed scans, (past days)

edited August 2014 in Scanning
Suppose you have a simple scan you run every day like this

[type is stock] and [sma(20,volume) > 1000000]
and [Today's MACD Line(12,26,9) x Today's MACD Signal(12,26,9)]
and [[exchange is NYSE] or [exchange is NASD]]

This just looks for MACD crosses that occurred today.
Let's suppose that you did not turn this into an alert to be mailed to you

You get the flu, or something else happens and you are away and unable to run your scan.
How do you change the scan to get the results from the days you missed. Changing the "starting from" parameter does not work. Is there any way to do a for next loop incrementing the date? How do you catch up on scans you may have missed. Thanks

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  • gordgord admin
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    Not sure why you say the "Starting X tradings days before today's close" does not work?

    I just ran your scan for the market close today Aug 15 and the 4 previous days with the following results. Note to limit the scan outputs I also added "and [ close > 1 ] and [ close < 20 ]"

    Aug 15, 5 hits
    Aug 14, 12 hits
    Aug 13, 14 hits
    Aug 12, 5 hits
    Aug 11, 10 hits


  • agree with gord - never known this not to work. You can enter a number for the number of TRADING days ago (not calendar days), or just click on the day you want in the pop-up calendar.

    The other thing to remember is, the charts returned are for the CURRENT date, NOT the date of the scan. So for instance, if you scan for the 13th on the 15th, you will get a chart dated the 15th for the stocks that crossed over on the 13th. The crossover will be three bars back. Hope that helps.
  • You are both correct. I think I was expecting to put in "Starting from the last 5 days" and then have it list the results for each of the last 5 days. But you actually need to run the scan five times. Once for each of the last five days if you want a week worth of data. But it was just silly of me to expect it to loop through several days.
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