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$Industry in Canada

Is there an equivalent to the $Industry index for Canadian stocks?


  • Maybe there's a Canadian subscriber out there who knows?

    There doesn't seem to be anything in the symbol table. I tried $, $CA, $DJCA, $DJ, Canada, Canadian, and INDX but there's not anything comparable to the $DJUSxx series for US stocks.

    However, Canadian stocks are grouped by industry on the Advanced Scan workbench drop down under Sectors and Industries (select "CA" first, then open the drop down). Those groupings are likely based on some kind of index. I would ask support what indexes they are using, and are there symbols for those indexes.
  • Did a little research.

    Try this in the symbol search "S&P/TSX" - see if some of the results are what you are looking for. "S&P/TSX" is part of the name that goes along with the symbol - so you are searching on "name" even though you are using the symbol search.
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